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On Sunday April 14, 2013 I sit here wondering…….if Tiger wasn’t assessed a two stroke penalty….ahhh, who am I kidding? I could care less about the penalty. Or why it happened. Or who was the person that called in from TV land to snitch on Tiger. Or why no one with Augusta or the PGA, golf’s governing body, caught Tiger’s goof when it happened. But all across the land tomorrow morning talk will be about that mistake that went unrecognized until some overbearing couch potato golf “Mr. Know-it-all” made it known to some lady taking complaints at Augusta, instead of where the conversation should be….about the winner of a great Masters, Adam Scott. The first Aussie to win at Augusta. We’ll hear how the outcome might have changed had Tiger not been penalized. We’ll hear how Tiger should have removed himself from the tournament. We’ll hear how it was Stevie Williams who guided Scott through the playoff holes. Essentially everything besides what a great weekend Adam Scott had and its a shame.


It’s terrible how the media puts their focus on the things that went wrong. They should talk for weeks about how Adam Scott battled through the weather, the pressure, and a great golfer in Angel Cabbrea. So let me say it, congratulations Mr. Adam Scott. You were money in the toughest situation in golf, a playoff at Augusta, in the rain, against a man who has a green jacket already.


And to all the members of the media who want to spin the Tiger Woods two-stroke penalty to fit your own agenda….look in a mirror. You’re one of the many things wrong with sports.

-Manny Palomarez


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