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With the NBA playoffs set to begin, the promos and endless storylines we see every year are out in full force.  Can Carmelo carry the Knicks? Will the high flying Clippers finally breakthrough? Will Indiana and its physical style wear down Miami? Does Boston have one last run in them? Facts are none of those question matter! I will go on record right now. Give me OKC and Miami and you can take the field.


Lets rewind back to October. According to Las Vegas the four favorites to win the title were the Heat, Lakers, Thunder and Spurs. Here we are in April and really nothing has changed other than the train wreck in LA.  The NBA is and always will be the most predictable of the three major sports. Yes, there are the exceptions just like with anything else.  The eighth seeded Knicks making the finals in ‘99. The sixth seeded Rockets winning a title.

Facts are the Lakers and Celtics have won half of the leagues 66 titles.


Throw in the Spurs and Bulls and that is a combined 43 of 66 NBA Champion coming from just four teams. Those numbers are funny/sad for a league where over half of it members qualify for the “postseason”. This is a problem that seems to have gotten worse recently with divas demanding trades to big markets and players forming their own version of the Avengers on South Beach.

Game 5 NBA Finals - Chicago Bulls v Los Angeles Lakers

As it is, we will sit here for 2 months and watch the “drama” unfold during the playoffs.  TNT will tell us its win or go home… ESPN will play a new Will I AM song that we will all be sick of by mid-May.  ABC will run its commercials of guys like CP3, Melo, Harden, and Curry sitting in the rafters saying how there’s only one thing that matters and that’s winning a title.  Well hate to give you guys the bad news but you’re not winning a title. Not this year at least.

What happens in the other two major sports? Wildcard teams win the World Series and sixth seeded teams can and do win on the road for three straight weeks before winning the Super Bowl. In the NBA? We will sit through 2+ months of playoff basketball only to see the most predictable outcome. Miami or OKC holding up the Larry O’ Brien trophy.



Joe Palomarez


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