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With the NBA playoffs set to begin, the promos and endless storylines we see every year are out in full force.  Can Carmelo carry the Knicks? Will the high flying Clippers finally breakthrough? Will Indiana and its physical style wear down Miami? Does Boston have one last run in them? Facts are none of those question matter! I will go on record right now. Give me OKC and Miami and you can take the field.


Lets rewind back to October. According to Las Vegas the four favorites to win the title were the Heat, Lakers, Thunder and Spurs. Here we are in April and really nothing has changed other than the train wreck in LA.  The NBA is and always will be the most predictable of the three major sports. Yes, there are the exceptions just like with anything else.  The eighth seeded Knicks making the finals in ‘99. The sixth seeded Rockets winning a title.

Facts are the Lakers and Celtics have won half of the leagues 66 titles.


Throw in the Spurs and Bulls and that is a combined 43 of 66 NBA Champion coming from just four teams. Those numbers are funny/sad for a league where over half of it members qualify for the “postseason”. This is a problem that seems to have gotten worse recently with divas demanding trades to big markets and players forming their own version of the Avengers on South Beach.

Game 5 NBA Finals - Chicago Bulls v Los Angeles Lakers

As it is, we will sit here for 2 months and watch the “drama” unfold during the playoffs.  TNT will tell us its win or go home… ESPN will play a new Will I AM song that we will all be sick of by mid-May.  ABC will run its commercials of guys like CP3, Melo, Harden, and Curry sitting in the rafters saying how there’s only one thing that matters and that’s winning a title.  Well hate to give you guys the bad news but you’re not winning a title. Not this year at least.

What happens in the other two major sports? Wildcard teams win the World Series and sixth seeded teams can and do win on the road for three straight weeks before winning the Super Bowl. In the NBA? We will sit through 2+ months of playoff basketball only to see the most predictable outcome. Miami or OKC holding up the Larry O’ Brien trophy.



Joe Palomarez


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As a child I remember the feeling of being part of a team. It was the greatest feeling in the world at the time. For a moment I wasn’t me and my friends weren’t them. We were Hakeem, Ralph, Chevis, McCray, and Sweet Lou. We were Glenn Davis, Alan Ashby, Dickie Thon, Kevin Bass, and Billy Hatcher. In the fall and winter we were Warren Moon, Ernest Givins, Haywood Jefferies, Mike Rozier, and Webster Slaughter. We played as if we were in the Astrodome or the Summit. We played as if H.S.E. and its crews were broadcasting our games. We played.


As I’ve grown as an adult and a parent I’ve realized a very disturbing trend. The games and sports children play these days have little to do with them. Instead of a child playing the games he or she chooses out of a love and passion for the sport, they play for their parents. This shouldn’t be considered a bad thing if it’s the child’s choice to play for their parents. I’ve seen less “want to” and witnessed more and more “have to” in these children. It saddens me. It angers me. It worries me.

By no means am I going to tell parents how to raise their children. I respect that they are the parents of their children. Who am I to suggest they are doing the wrong thing by forcing their child to play a sport when it’s so obvious the child doesn’t enjoy it? It isn’t my place to tell a parent, “It’s a shame you’re more interested in the team’s win, than the effort of your child.” I could do this, but again, who am I? It gets harder and harder for me to stand by while fathers belittle their sons for missing a ground ball in front a large crowd.

GBR:  FA Respect Pr Shoot - Ray Winstone 23/02/2009

It’s also getting tougher to sit in the stands next to the parents who think the officials at a junior high game are on the take and aren’t calling it both ways. Once the game is over these parents feel the need to follow Mr. Official to let him know “he shouldn’t be officiating”. It’s frustrating. When the game becomes bigger than a child’s development in said game, it becomes a problem. And this problem has spread like pythons in Florida, it happens everywhere.

The beautiful thing about sports is its ability to build confidence in a child. The ability to support and create and unbreakable bond with our children might be its best attribute. Don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say here. I do believe in instilling discipline. I do believe in making children accountable. If handled the right way these lessons will be absorbed and a competitive edge in our children can be created.


Maybe we can witness our children playing not because they “want to”, but because they LOVE to.

Manny Palomarez

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Boston Strong

Del and Manny express their feelings on the tragedy in Boston, The NBA Playoffs, a little MLB and NFL


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Why do we love sports? Is it the distraction from the everyday grind that lulls us to sleep? Is it the fact it clearly defines Good versus Evil, Right versus Wrong, Winning versus Losing?


For each individual the answer is different and unique. Sometimes it cannot be explained. It’s just a feeling, a sense. It pulls you in and tears you up. It makes you jump for joy and sob like a baby.

At times it can seem fictional, a fairy tale. Too good to be true or to harsh to comprehend.
It’s the movie you’ve seen a thousand times yet never has the same ending. Sports are more than individuals playing a game. It’s an escape. It’s a community, a brotherhood, a family. Nothing in society can bring people who share nothing else in common together like sports can. It fixes much of what is wrong with the 21st century world, at least for a few hours on any given day.


So what do we do, how do we feel when this is taken from us? The bombing at the Boston Marathon yesterday shed light once again on just how insignificant and important sports are. Contradictory statement you say? So?. In a time of tragedy we are all faced with the task of thinking about what are the most unimportant things in our life. To even the biggest the sports fan, like myself, sports falls very far down on the list. That’s the insignificant part. But how we deal with tragedy, how we escape and cope is where sports glaring importance beams through.

What would a Celtics improbable run through the playoffs due for the city now? The Red Sox catching fire and leading the AL East all summer? Would it take away the pain or make us forget what happened? No. That feat is impossible. But much like the Yankees playoff run shortly after 9/11, or the Saints emergence after Hurricane Katrina, it can serve as a distraction. A much needed escape, if only for a few hours on a given day.

Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce

Sometimes we forget that sports and life are forever intertwined. They are one in the same. Sports hurt can be shaken off with the eternal hope of next year, next time, next season. The hurt suffered by the innocent people in Boston can’t be simply shaken off. That is ultimately what separates sports from reality.

God Speed Boston

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The Black Mamba

Seems odd for my first post to be about a guy I’ve hated for so many years. Make no mistake, I wanted him to fail. With that being said I genuinely felt bad for Kobe as I saw him fall to the ground knowing it might have been the last time I witnessed him at his best. Not sure why I hated the guy so much. He did start his career off by forcing a trade after being drafted. Or was it the Colorado accusations? Could it have been his constant crying and feeling entitled every time someone touched him?

The Rockets have been stuck in mediocrity for much of Kobe’s career. My favorite team wasn’t a legitimate threat, so I found myself rooting for the Kings/Blazers, hoping against hope for Iverson and the Sixers in the Finals. Pleading with Reggie Miller and the Pacers to beat the Lakers. Anybody! Somebody! FINALLY Detroit knocked Kobe and his ego back to reality. This was followed by Kobe’s apparent “snitching” on Shaq and the fall of the Lakers as we knew them. At last Kobe and the Lakers run was over. They overhauled the roster and never made it out of the first round in a 3-year stretch. I could finally exhale…

We all have Memphis GM Chris Wallace to thank for Kobe’s 4th and 5th titles. He gifted Pau Gasol to the Lakers which helped the legendary franchise get back on top.


Living out West, I started to get Kobe overload… but something funny happened as I watched them knock out the Rockets in the 2nd round of the playoffs. My hate turned to respect and admiration for Kobe Bryant. Let’s be honest, I hated this guy because he was a phenomenal player. Not to mention Kobe played for the Yankees of the NBA. Why do we hate Jeter, Coach K, and currently Alabama Football? They have what we want. They have success. They have championships. All the other stuff just added fuel to the fire.

He is the closest thing to MJ we have ever seen and maybe we ever will see. So as much as I rooted against Kobe for all those years, I’ll be rooting for The Black Mamba to come back as he once was. I don’t want my lasting image of him to be shooting two free throws with a torn Achilles.


Kobe modeled his game, and has always tried to match MJ and his six rings. Lebron, KD and those that follow need to understand…to be like Mike, they must first match Kobe.

Joe Palomarez
Las Vegas, Nevada

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