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As the NBA Finals come to a close most sports fans will turn their attention to college football and the NFL, if they haven’t already. When did football become the giant that we all know and love? Most fans are more concerned about OTAs for their favorite teams than anything else going on in sports. All others sports have almost become things to pass the time until football season is here. It wasn’t always this way.


October used to mean playoff baseball, now the only thing I’m concerned with in October is the Red River Rivalry and if the Texans are who we thought they were.  ESPN airs year around NFL and college football shows.  There is a 100 days till kickoff countdown college football and a three hour special dedicated to the release of the NFL schedule. I would love to say the rise of Fantasy Football is the cause but who plays Fantasy “college” Football.


10 years ago you would have laughed if I told you ESPN agreed to pay The University of Texas 10-15M annually for the next 20 years to air a couple football games and Olympic sports. Who would have ever thought the Big 10 and Pac12 would have there own networks? Now the SEC has struck a deal of it’s own. Believe me,  these deals are based on football and football alone.  There is a reason the now debunk Big East never got a deal like that.  Basketball doesn’t move the needle. The last NFL TV deal was worth roughly 27 BILLION dollars.

Maybe in our busy worlds one game a week is all we have time for.  Maybe that’s all we have time to follow. Football is perfect for the world of instant gratification.   For three hours on every Saturday or Sunday we escape the daily grind.  The “Black Hole” in Oakland believe it or not isn’t full of misfits. Its filled with businessmen, blue and white-collar workers who are family men that just wanna let loose.

Outside of March Madness, how many of you are ever really glued to a sporting event that doesn’t include a pigskin?  Does it take an $80 Mayweather fight to do that?  A game 7? I’m not sure but I can pretty much guarantee most of you will be glued to the Broncos vs. Ravens opener to kickoff the NFL season along with LSU vs. TCU and Georgia vs. Clemson to open the college football weekend.  When was the last time you watched a baseball game from start to finish? How about a regular season NBA game?  Tell me how great watching four days of Masters coverage was?  You can’t, because you know you fell asleep.  Try to fall asleep during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

Since the Super Bowl ended, National Signing Day has come and gone. I’m preparing for my fantasy football draft. I booked a trip to San Francisco in October to see the Texans. I’ve looked over the college football schedule more times than I can count.


Is it football season yet?


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Baseball is in decline. The important numbers say so.  Football is king.

Let’s take the above as gospel.  I’m not here to debate the why or how.  Yesterday I sat with my wife and two young sons at Minute Maid Park. For those three and a half hours none of baseball’s issues mattered.

My family and 22 thousand diehard fans watched a very entertaining game that in the grand scheme of the season will mean nothing.  It had home runs, controversial calls and great plays. When the Astros bases loaded rally in the ninth fell just short you would have thought it was Game 7 of the World Series.


We were at the game for the 1st Annual Astros Little League Day.  Kids in the area who play Little League were given a free ticket and parents were able to buy tickets at a discount.  The players and coaches were allowed to walk the field pre-game, and the kids got to run the bases afterwards. The smiles on the faces of those kids were priceless.  Kudos to the new Astros regime for starting this.

I watched my son and his buddies from our Little League team scream for autographs from players 99 percent of even hardcore baseball fans have never heard of and may never hear of.  I saw my three year old scream “CHARGE” and become mesmerized by the train atop the stadium when the Astros hit a home run.  My wife, whose interest in sports comes from watching our children play them always enjoys a day at the ballpark.


Baseball is about nostalgia.  It lingers in all of us.  The sights, the sounds, the smells never leave us from the time we attended our first ballgame.  Every time I step in a baseball stadium I remember the great times I had as a kid at the Astrodome.  Walking up the ramp to look out from center field and see rainbow colored seats sprinkled throughout the ballpark.  Spending summer days with my buddy.  First to Astroworld, then to a “Business Man’s Special” game at the Dome for $1, then right back to Astroworld.


Baseball is a sport linked to family and tradition.  You remember playing catch with your dad or brother as a kid.  You haven’t forgotten playing homerun derby with your friends.  You used all nine innings of those days at the ballpark to interrogate the unfortunate soul who decided to bring you along. Why did they bunt?  You think you could hit a home run?  Can I get some nachos?

Some argue baseball has too many games and they are probably right. I used that to my advantage and had a great day with my family.

I coach my son’s baseball teams today and see baseball is being passed down to another generation.  America’s Pastime isn’t dead just yet.



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