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Producer of ESPN 97.5 shows “The Blitz” and “The Rush” Jong Lee comes in to help sort out the Dwight Howard saga and let’s ua all know he had a choice…Taser or pepper spray.




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Del and Manny talk Heat/Pacers, Mayweather/Canelo, Dwight Howard and we question why there are different versions of Jesus.




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44 wins.

Zero losses.

44 times Floyd Mayweather has stepped into a boxing ring, 44 times he has left a winner. Think back on all of Mayweather’s victories. Now try to remember a time there was any doubt as the judges’ scorecards were read after the 12th round. Mayweather has dominated a sport riddled with corruption and scandal. He has managed to maximize his earnings every single time he puts on the gloves. Mayweather promotes himself. No need for an Arum or a Don King in Floyd’s camp. He handles his business in the ring and out.


I’ll admit, I am no expert when it comes to the sport of boxing. I have never followed the sport with a watchful eye hoping to catch a glimpse of the next “Great American Boxer”. Over the years I’ve paid more attention to the “mega super cards” than the Friday Night Fights card on ESPN. I’m a main event type of guy. I’ve watched the main events long enough to know a good one when I see it.

Now that we all know where I stand when it comes to boxing, allow me to explain why I have never, and might not ever root for Floyd Mayweather. I could point to his actions away from the ring. The spousal abuse, the constant need to hear his own voice or the jagged relationship with his father. Lets not forget his short stint in the world of professional wrestling.


All reasons enough to dislike Mayweather. He seems like a terrible guy outside the ring, but what he does there has no bearing on my wallet. When I decide to pony up the outrageous amount of money it costs to watch a pay-per-view, none of the “terrible guy” things are considered in my decision to buy the fight. I look at Mayweather’s opponent. My question isn’t whether the guy fighting Mayweather can win, it’s can this guy make it interesting?

Floyd Mayweather is such a dominant BOXER, his fights tend to swing to the boring side. He hits and avoids being hit. It’s the definition of the “sweet science”. He executes his game plan without ever having to adjust. Mayweather can score at will. He has knockout power, yet it seems he gets more satisfaction out of outpointing his opponents for twelve rounds. Opponents have that hours away from retirement look on their faces as they wait to hear if the judges felt Mayweather pitched a shut out. Simply put, Floyd Mayweather might be too good for my money.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Robert Guerrero

Usually an absolutely dominating sports figure is a must see. It’s entirely the opposite when it comes to Floyd. Why spend the money if we know he is going to cruise to a decision victory? Why pony up if we know Floyd’s opponent stands no chance? I saved 65 dollars Saturday night. Floyd’s fight went exactly like I thought it would. I have yet to see a highlight. Reading articles on the fight tell me all I need to know. Floyd Mayweather’s greatness means I have sixty-five more dollars to spend on my wife for Mother’s Day. Despite his greatness I can’t root for Mayweather. Mayweather is just too good. He is just too good. I can’t stand him for that.

Manny Palomarez

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